Scott Sandmeier


"A Complete Success [headline]. . . Prokofiev's Love of Three Oranges -- a super quality production, exceptional professionalism without a dull moment. . . On the podium, Scott Sandmeier's energy and precision brought the performing forces perfectly together."

Pierre-Petit, Le Figaro

"There is a huge cast [Love for Three Oranges], yet no single role is unreasonably demanding, and the emphasis, on stage and in the pit, is on ensemble.  This was excellent, as was the orchestra under the sharp and lively direction of Scott Sandmeier."

David Stevens, International Herald Tribune

“Sandmeier knew exactly how to establish that intimacy [in Sibelius’ Rakastava], deftly balancing the voices of the different instrumental sonorities and keeping tight control. . .”

Steve Smoliar, San Francisco Classical Music Examiner

“Conductor and orchestra shaped a host of atmospherics, most a heady blend of effervescence and evanescence. Elegance, subtlety and buoyancy pervade this music [Ravel’s Le tombeau de Couperin]. They were agreeably delivered in performance. “

Peter Jacobi,

"This type of evening, which consists of giving the audience an understanding of the music to better enjoy it, is a perilous exercise.  Scott Sandmeier works wonders.  Through a warm contact with the audience, he brings a clarity and an intelligence to his presentations.  The listener goes from Purcell to Britten, from 'Hoffman' to Sculthorpe, where the different sections of the orchestra demonstrate the principal themes.  The conductor re-creates the ambiance of each piece in the imagination of the listener."

Ouest France

"A Hall for Culture in Denzlingen: An Impressive Concert [headline] . . . Scott Sandmeier conducted with clear gestures . . . The orchestra brought a clarity of playing, taking unnecessary heaviness out of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. . . His conducting, however, was strong and powerful, and he developed extremely accentuated contrasts, from wild storms to greatest quiet (the time he took in the Andante was soothing) . . . the compelling musical tension that he built into the furiously jubilant Finale roused the players as well as the audience . . .The long applause acknowledged the conductor and the impressive accomplishments of the orchestra."

Hildegard Karig, Badische Zeitung

" . . . Scott Sandmeier showed that he was as talented with a microphone as with a baton, and delighted the audience with his engaging and informative comments on the pieces being performed . . .Scott Sandmeier conducted the Dvorak Serenade with impressive ease . . the alternatively jovial, sentimental or exotic nuances brought a fullness to the sounds of the winds that nearly took your breath away."

Pierre Gervasoni, Le Monde

"A Moment of Happiness: Record Attendance for the Annual Concert in Gensac [headline]. . . This success is, of course, due to Scott Sandmeier who has, since 1991, brought the Orchestre de Chambre de la Gironde to a very high level of quality. . . "


Scott Sandmeier

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