Nyela Basney


"Under the baton of conductor Nyela Basney the orchestra provides the lush, full sound that, combined with the singers, soars and gives Lehar's score flight."
James Murray, Theatre in Chicago, 21 December 2014

"Lehar's score---with its waltzes, polkas, and even can-can--is well played by a full orchestra under conductor Nyela Basney's seasoned direction."
Albert Williams, ChicagoReader, 26 December 2014

"Nyela Basney did a fine job in realizing the depth of both works
[Strauss' Metamorphosen and Mozart's Requiem] and in leading the orchestra through them, as well as the combined choruses for the Mozart."
Lane Crockett, Shreveport Times, 27 October 1996

"The strings and winds were superb in their collective finesse and
ensemble . . .Throughout, conductor Basney did a superlative job with a clean beat, accurate cues, and undivided attention from the players, taking them through a stylistically correct performances of the "Messiah" . . the best playing this season."
The Post-Star, [Glens Falls, NY], 14 December 1999

"Nyela Basney is comfortable and sure on the podium, and she guides the orchestra smoothly through its paces. . . Basney was in charge all the way."
Lane Crockett, Shreveport Times, 5 November 1995

"The orchestra. . . has grown like wild fire since Basney's arrival.
Call it . . . whatever you like. The fact is, the product is great music."
Gates-Chili News, 1988

"[Renée] Fleming and [Nyela] Basney, working together, made it seem as though the soloist and accompanist were welded together as one in their presentations. This is not easily accomplished."
Daniel Chazanoff, Brighton Post, October 1993

"Nyela Basney led the soloists and the 'crack' orchestra with full
understanding of the idiom."
New York Daily News, 1991

"Basney led them on a brilliant rendition of Gershwin's bravura An
American in Paris overture. . . Another orchestra standout was highlights from Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story, with its brilliant score, which was performed with equal amounts of great excitement and poignancy by Basney and her musicians."
Lane Crockett, The Shreveport Times, 3 May 1996

"With the wave of a hand she can unleash a storm. . . Some people might argue that Nyela Basney is the most powerful person in Chili on a Monday night. . . She can unleash a storm of sound and emotion with a finger and quiet it with a wave."
Gates-Chili News, 1987

Nyela Basney

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