Mitchell Sardou Klein


“Klein lavished considerable attention on each piece, setting and maintaining clear tempos and eliciting a full spectrum of orchestral color and texture…The orchestra produced honeyed sound – sweet, somber and poignant all at once – in the slow movement [Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante]. The sparkling finale represented Klein’s finest moments; the conductor provided a splendid backdrop for his soloists. . . The rewards didn’t end there. . .Klein led a gorgeous performance of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony. The opening movement was big, enveloping and wonderfully luxuriant; the conductor drew plush, multi-colored playing from the orchestra: heart-on-the-sleeve strings, silvery woodwinds and assertive, muscular brass.”

San Jose Mercury News, 16 January 2012 [Symphony Silicon Valley]

"The American conductor quickly established a fine rapport with his orchestra. Klein is a musician who has the musical score in his head, rather than his head in the score, which he demonstrated ably. The creative conception and artistic shape which he brings to his work comes from deep inside him."

Gazeta Wyborcza, 13 December 1993 [New Polish Philharmonic]

"Super Conductor: Mitchell Sardou Klein, music director of the Peninsula Symphony, led his musicians through another triumphant concert. The Peninsula Symphony just keeps getting better and better. Great works and great performances by all."

San Mateo County Times, 20 March 2007 [Peninsula Symphony]

"PENINSULA SYMPHONY SIMPLY SHINES. . . In brief, it was awesome. . . for the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra and its music director Mitchell Sardou Klein, it was arguably its best effort, enhanced by using the 'Del Mar' edition of the [Beethoven's Ninth] symphony, a real winner."

Inside Bay Area, 24 May 2005 [Peninsula Symphony]

"Few classically trained conductors have a feeling for American popular idioms. However, Klein proved an ideal choice for this program [Ives, Copland, Gershwin, Gould], shaping and phrasing and displaying a realaffinity for vernacular rhythms and inflections."

Scott MacClelland, Coast Weekly, 5 December 1996 [San Jose Symphony]

"With Conductor and Music Director Mitchell Sardou Klein on the podium, the orchestra ended its 42nd season with a robust program. . . Friday's performance [of The Planets ] was persuasive of the music'spower to impress almost by dramatic contrast alone. The orchestra put forth a huge sound where needed and dropped to sylvan whispers in the most serene parts. . . Klein's direction was bold and forthright without being fussy or cliche. . . the overall phrasing and coloring wereremarkable. . . [in the Prelude to Lohengrin ] the playing was appropriately noble and stentorian."

Christopher Culwell, San Mateo Times, 23 May 1991 [Peninsula Symphony]

"The storms of Mahler's 'Titan' raged magnificently. Klein masterfully met the challenge of harnessing the pressure of this high-adrenalin piece. Tension repeatedly built up to glorious releases but remained an agitating presence just below the surface even in periods of calm."

Phyllis Rosenblum, Prelude Magazine, April 1989 [Santa Cruz Symphony]

"Last night, under guest conductor Mitchell Sardou Klein, the Philharmonic finally sustained a high level of consistency. . . The Philharmonic presented a dramatic and moving performance of the Tchaikovsky Fifth Symphony. Paradoxically, the greatest risks can be undertaken from a position of greatest security. Under the direction ofSardou Klein, the orchestra members finally seemed assured and confident, and their recklessly brilliant playing mirrored their security."

Ron Pen, Lexington Herald-Leader, 11 February 1989 [Lexington Philharmonic]

"Now there's an attitude that reaches from rote to art, from performance to interpretation, and such an attitude can only be attributed to Klein, at once the head and heart of the orchestra."

J. Russell Roberts, The Sun, 22 October 1987 [Santa Cruz Symphony]

"Mitchell Sardou Klein, in his sixth year as music director-conductor, guided his players with care and enthusiasm, doing what he likes best, accompanying a soloist and later putting his whole being into the exquisite Brahms Symphony."

Janice Riese, San Mateo Times, 24 March 1992 [Peninsula Symphony]

"[The Barber Essay No. 3 ] had the vigor and impact it needed with Klein leading the EPO. [In Dvor�k's Seventh Symphony ] the Klein reading was sure and strong."

Abe D. Jones, Greensboro News and Record, 10 July 1988 [Eastern Philharmonic]

"Since Klein took charge of this orchestra four seasons ago, it has made impressive strides. . . Saturday's concert took a giant leap forward. It was superb, both in the playing of the notes and in the making of the music. . . The oneness of this ensemble's sections was wonderful to behold. Klein led them with mastery and matured, understanding in a rendition enlightening and soul-satisfying. [Brahms's Symphony No. 4]"

Michael Andrews, Pennisula Times-Tribune, 24 January1989 [ Peninsula Symphony]

"PSO's season has been successful all around. The orchestra continues to improve and Klein's expertise in programming and in understandingthe composer's goals continues to bring depth to the performances."

Janice Riese, San Mateo Times, 18 May 1990 [Peninsula Symphony]

"Mitchell Sardou Klein, a last-minute substitute, achieved remarkable artistic success."

Dimitri Drobatschewsky, Arizona Republic, 26 July 1982 [Flagstaff Festival]

Mitchell Sardou Klein

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