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"Musical groups with distinct personalities aren't that common today, but the Sinfonova Chamber Orchestra, which came from Boston for a Carnegie Hall concert Sunday night, does seem to have its own voice. The real speaker is apparently the group's conductor, Aram Gharabekian, who worships at the altars of forward melodic movement and beautiful sound."

Bernard Holland, New York Times

"Following last Friday night's concert of the Ukrainian National Symphony in the Ukrainian Palace of Culture, we can attest to the fact that Armenian born American conductor Aram Gharabekian has transformed our orchestra to an unrecognizable musical standard."

Yuri Romazanov, Kievsky Gazzette

"Gharabekian's conducting is not flashy, just solid and determined. His arms reach out and the orchestra obeys. He has good balance in that he not only can get the big dramatics, but also find the quieter subtleties in the works."

Lane Crockett, Shreveport Times

"Sincerity, in fact, is a key word for conductor Aram Gharabekian...Gharabekian's style is refreshingly free from mannerisms, excesses or affectations."

Nancy Miller, Boston Globe

"BRAVO MAESTRO [headline]. . .Gharabekian presented two suites from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet with penetrating lyricism and transformed the Shakespeare play into remarkable unity and led it to atragic conclusion. In the presence of the audience, he enacted such a musically dramatic performance that moved each and every musician in the orchestra to be absorbed in the unfolding process of this drama. . . This concert indeed, was of a unique distinction. Bravo Maestro!"

Margarit Roukhkian, Republika Armenia

"...the 3 year old Boston based Sinfonova Chamber Orchestra made a brilliant local debut Sunday at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Led by a fiercely intense conductor, the 22-member ensemble brought unquestionable authority, precision, and luminous string tone to four works - three commissioned by the group and all reportedly west coast premiers."

Chris Pasles, Los Angeles Times

"After a rarely animated concert with enthusiasm of the Zagreb Philharmonic, we can give a nonoriginal explanation: simply stated, the conductor is an excellent musician. The guest conductor Aram Gharabekian left no room for doubt that this was the reason."

M. Stanetti, Vecernji list (Zagreb)

"Aram Gharbekian has to be one of the finest young conductors on the scene today. To watch him control his ensemble is a joy in itself. He works with elegant flair and great dignity."

John Lanouette Brenner, Post-Gazette

"It is always a pleasure to encounter the vigorous, supple and, whenever appropriate, deferential conducting of Gharabekian."

Anthony Tommasini, Boston Globe

"Simply among many international and national ensembles participating this year, the performance by the Ukrainian Radio & Television Symphony under its Principal Conductor Aram Gharabekian was the most memorable concert of the Fourth International KIEVFEST Music Festival."

Oles Protsidym, Kievsky Gazzette

"It is always a pleasure to cross paths with SinfoNova. Thanks to the deeply thought musicality and quietly commanding technique of conductor Aram Gharabekian, one can always count on performances that are uncommonly expressive..."

Nancy Miller, Boston Globe

"Aram Gharabekian led his ensemble in an inspiring performance of Mirzoyan's music. Individual voices were sharply defined and brought together with brilliant coordination. Instrumental forces were developed smoothly, and faded away with similar ease, revealing themes of intensity and full-blooded characterization, but also -on a more intellectual level - a probing insightfulness. . . One never comes to the end of a SinfoNova concert without having been enlightened in some way. Aram Gharabekian and his orchestra now make for a valuable presence in Boston's musical life, one which should be cherished."

Jonathan Richmond, The Tech

Aram Gharabekian

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