Amy Mills

Composer and Conductor

[Red Dragonfly for trombone and piano] "showcases the versatility of the instrument with bombastic themes, soaring melodies, glissandi, trills and a little Dixieland. . . overall it encapsulates a high musical character, making its preparation enjoyable and its performance entertaining."

Cory Mixdorf, The International Trombone Association Journal, 2015

"The orchestra, under the brilliant direction of Amy Mills, gave a compelling and passionate concert. . . an immediate standing ovation after a dazzling performance of Saint-Saƫns' "Symphony No. 3" . . the orchestra's energy was endless and inspiring. . . "

La Crosse Tribune, 12 May 1996

"Mills led the Women's Symphony, a good smaller orchestra that is yet capable of varied and substantial collective fortes, in a committed and nuanced performance. . . "

The Washington Post, 24 May 1999

"Like Zeus unleashing thunder, Mills drew explosive sounds from the percussive quartet, as well as blazing power later from the brass and horn sections in Dvorak's beloved New World Symphony. The scherzo and finale were especially impressive. . . "

The Springfield News-Leader, 22 September 2003

"The orchestra was powerful and dynamic in the debut of its new director, Amy Mills, a fireball of excitement and enthusiasm. Mills demanded and got precision and finesse from her musicians as they drew an immediate and long standing ovation from a sellout crowd. . . "

La Crosse Tribune,11 November 1995

". . . Merrill is not the only shining star of this video. The US Air Force. . . performs nearly flawlessly under the baton of Amy R. Mills. To those who live outside the Washington area or who are unfamiliar with the class and skills of this group, a special treat is in store. . . "

[videotape review] The Washington Post, TV Week Magazine, 31 March 1991

"The La Crosse Symphony Orchestra's season opening concert Friday night was pure joy. The concert was inspiring and exhilirating, and the orchestra, under the brilliant direction of Amy Mills, provided everything from fireworks to a ninth-inning rally. It's a concert that will go down as one of the orchestra's best."

La Crosse Tribune, 18 October 2003

". . . Amy R. Mills directed the chorus in a set of works, 'The Setting years' by Libby Larsen. The solidly constructed music, using three texts of American pioneers, conveyed rich color andvibrant personal spirit. Singing was confident and fresh throughout, with smooth blending anda ripe, resonant sound."

The Washington Post, 4 June 1988

Amy Mills

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